Saturday, August 14, 2010

Initial Fundraising Goal Achieved!

I just received a package from my mom last weekend.  In it was the final checks which totaled over $4300 from the fundraiser she organized with friends in Bailey, CO at the end of June!  I was amazed at the generosity of that little town of Bailey, CO.  They put on an aerobics-marathon with some ladies, even an "elderly" woman working out for 5 hours straight!  No kidding, how did she do that?  So they were sponsored for the time they worked out.  They also had a bake sale because they obviously needed the extra calories that day!  :)  They had t-shirts made and had a dozen or more local sponsors!  They ALSO had a bike rally that ended with some raffle drawings at The Crossroads Bar & Grill which supported us with 10% of their proceeds.   Two local papers ran stories on it and it was a real success!  Amazing!  Such a blessing...

Here's the Thank You note I sent to the folks of Bailey who came out.  Glen Moses, my mom's husband, put a nice brochure together which included our photo, this letter and the summary of the event for everyone, and even had it framed as a gift for the sponsors.  Thanks, Glen!

July 7, 2010

Dear Mom,

Please pass along this note of thanks to all the wonderful people who volunteered
so much time, talent, and money to support our family. I never knew what a special
community you have there until now. These folks, while friends to you, are strangers
to me, but miles and unfamiliarity were not blockades to their kindness and generosity.

Those who know you obviously love you, those who don’t know you must love
their fellow community member or fellow man in general. That says a lot about a town.
I too have found a lot of local support and love from my own hometown of Santa Barbara
in the form of meals, childcare, and services like cleaning, organizing and mowing our
lawn. I know Santa Barbara has a few sister cities, but I wonder if Bailey could be added
as a sister city of Santa Barbara. I am going to look into how that works through the
Chamber or Mayor’s office, but if nothing comes of it, Bailey will now be a sister city in
my heart.

My appreciation for what you’ve done for us is so much greater than any
thank you note can express so I’ll close for now. I look forward to visiting Bailey
in the future and giving you all big hugs, each and every one of you - I mean that!

(for the English Family)

So, our initial fundraising goal was achieved.  That redeems what set us back a bit.  Our continual monthly medical expenses for recovery continue and average $500-600.  Thank you for your support!  Even if you haven't given or are able to your prayers mean SO much!