Friday, February 6, 2009

Platelet Donations Needed ASAP

Krista's platelets have dropped to 1000, and she is in dire need of a transfusion.

There is a real shortage of platelets in the area. If you or anyone you know with anyone in the Southern California area who might be willing to donate and meets the following criteria:

* Be at least 17 years old (there is no upper age limit)
* Weigh at least 110 lbs.
* Be in general good health
* Have not taken any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications within 2 full days of donation
* If diabetic: No insulin (oral medications are acceptable)
* If asthmatic: No oral medications (Singulair is acceptable)
* Must be willing to allow approximately 2 hours for the entire donation process.

Please have them contact the UCLA Blood And Platelet Center at 310-206-6187 to make an Apheresis Donation as soon as possible.

We have been told that donations made there can be ear-marked for Krista at no cost. This is different than the blood bank in Santa Barbara, that charges $500 to do this. When you call, please ask about this to verify.

Our doctor just informed us that the previous information about the Rh-Negative blood-type require is NOT ACCURATE. This can be important, but only if the patient is to remain fertile. That is not an option with Krista. They do need to look for certain markers on the platelets, but those are unassociated with blood-type.

So ANYONE that meets the above requirements is eligible.

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Regina Shea said...

We are all praying Mike and Krista!