Thursday, May 5, 2011

UPDATE to Up, Up and Away!

A quick update right before I head out the door--My corporate angel flight got cancelled last minute which at first made me think my plans with Kelly for the weekend were doomed.  Then I searched and found one last ticket on a US Air flight from LAX to Richmond which took me into Richmond at the same time and day as originally planned and for only $445 round trip after taxes.  The blessing of all of that was a dear friend popped by and dropped me an envelope...a gift of $200 to put toward that airfare!  Amazing.

Then I was kind of scrambling to find hotel in Bethesda during the Mon-Fri time I'd be there...close enough to get shuttle service and not need a car.  However, so many things were booked and most hotels were $250/night and up!  This morning though, I called the International Guest House and talked to the inn keeper. It's run by a church group, is a bed and breakfast and is only $40/night.  Imagine my delight when he said he had just one room for me and would actually be moving me into another room mid-week b/c they're kind of booked.  It's truly amazing.  They have international guests and group breakfasts, and at 9pm they sit around this great old home and have tea and cookies and conversation.  I'm so looking forward to the experience!  I've read great reviews of this place and it's only 4 miles from the White House and on the bus route that can take me to NIH in 30 min.

So that's all for now - going to L.A. right now to enjoy Cinco de Mayo with my friends the Dahls.  And head out to the airport early early to see James McMillan, Mike's best friend from high school, who lives in Charlotte, NC where I'm flying into...he's flying in on the same airline at the same time from elsewhere and we'll meet for coffee at the gate before flying out again 40 minute later!  Then off to Richmond to stay with Kelly for the weekend and her Dad in Centerville (my old home town) on Sunday night...Sunday Kelly and I are going to visit our old stomping grounds :)

Love to all!  Krista


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