Thursday, September 25, 2008

Facebook Update #1 from Monday, Sept.22

Hi Friends and Family,

I have received the word today that I do indeed have a relapse of leukemia and need to go into the hospital immediately to get started on treatments. I will be undergoing intensive chemotherapy and will be in the hospital for a month at first. Meanwhile I am getting hooked up with either UCLA or City of Hope to begin the process of looking for a bone marrow transplant donor that matches as I have no siblings. That process can take a few months which is why I need to begin chemotherapy to go into remission. The bone marrow transplant will be curative, not only of leukemia, but of my lupus as well.

None of this surprised my God though and He is right here with me so don't you worry! As soon as I heard the news late last week that I had to get a bone marrow biopsy Friday to rule out leukemia I turned to the Word of God, the Bible, and asked Him for help. Psalm 41 is what he gave me and I am standing on that in faith that He is going to restore me from my sickbed. Now, go look up Psalm 41 and be encouraged!

So pray for the details as we make plans on taking care of the children, as they are our priority and the joy of my life. I hate missing their soccer games and reading to them on the couch and hearing their insights and discoveries. My business can take care of itself, but I'm bummed as I had so many wonderful meetings planned this week, helping others, and a special visit from my wonderful mentors Pat & Don Simecka. If you have a chance to attend their meeting for me on Thursday please do and tell me all about it!

I will bring my laptop to the hospital and will update you on Facebook for now. Oh and if you are in the area I'm open for VISITS - I'll have nothing else to do but get caught up on writing all those thank you notes that are stored in my head! My day starts early so even if you pop in before work that is fine too :)

Talk to you soon!

Love in Christ,

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