Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And Yet So Far

We're going to have to stay here at the hospitality house for another week. The doctor confirmed that the GVHD rash was spreading, but said that the severity of it was only a 2 out of 10. He was actually pleased with seeing it because it means that the grafting has worked well and, if there was any leukemia left over from the radiation and chemotherapy, that the new immune system would certainly wipe it out. He prescribed steroids to suppress the immune reaction that is causing the rash and said that it should take two or three days to take effect. He also said that the rash should go away within two or three weeks.

Going home is getting more complicated, though. Not only are we waiting for the medical OK, but it turns out that there is also an insurance complication. With a large set of procedures like a stem-cell transplant, the insurance companies often grant a "global coverage" for the treatment. This is what happened with our friend Terry from Paso Robles, who I mentioned yesterday was having insurance complications. It turns out that it the same with us. From what I understand, all of Krista's medical treatments are covered under the stem-cell transplant umbrella while she is down here, but that may end when she goes home. I don't really understand the implications of that for future treatments yet. The medical transplant coordinator is waiting for some information from our insurance transplant coordinator to sort out the details.

I'm a little disappointed with having to draw out the time down here, but I know that this is really what needs to be done right now. Krista was disappointed at first, but now sees it as an opportunity to get stronger before heading home. God will bring us back when the time is right.

Yet You are enthroned as the Holy One;
You are the praise of Israel.
In You our fathers put their trust;
they trusted and You delivered them.
They cried to You and were saved;
in You they trusted and were not disappointed.
(Psalm 22:3-5)

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