Thursday, March 5, 2009

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I wish I could have been there to greet all the donors who came down from Santa Barbara this morning. There are times when I just can't get away, and unfortunately the morning was like that. It was a day on my own, as Janelle was battling a recurrence of vertigo that she gets two or three times a year. We missed seeing her, but it was great to have a brief visit with Katherine, who brought us a suitcase full of things from home that Monica put together to help us be ready to transition to the hospitality house. Thank you for your love and efforts... you all shine with the love of Jesus!

Krista had really low platelets (7,000) and red blood (8.1) this morning. The red blood level tends to be relatively stable, only needing transfusions roughly twice a week; and Krista received her second transfusion of the week today. It takes the UCLA blood bank some time to process platelet donations (usually 24 hours) so she hasn't yet been able to use the ones from this mornings caravan. The Red Cross came through with an HLA-matched platelet transfusion, though, and that one boosted Krista up to 21,000. There was some moderate bleeding from Krista's problem area, and when there's bleeding they want her platelets over 50,000. The doctors tried a random donation which didn't do much for her. We're keeping an eye on her platelets because they are they key right now. If they stay over 20,000 in the morning we've been told that she'll be given the OK to leave.

If she doesn't leave Friday, she'll almost certainly leave Monday. The doctors are making preparations for the transition either way. All the medicines are now given to her in pill or drinkable form except for a once-a-week IVIG drip. Her kidneys levels have continued to come down. She doesn't need dialysis anymore, so her doctor took out the dialysis port tonight. Krista's continuing to make more progress with her physical therapy, now being able to make it from the bed to the commode without using the walker.

It is so exciting to be nearing the end of this phase!

But those who suffer He delivers in their suffering;
He speaks to them in their affliction.
He is wooing you from the jaws of distress
to a spacious place free from restriction,
to the comfort of your table laden with choice food.
(Job 36:15-16)

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