Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 14: Small Improvement

Today was a lot like yesterday in regards to symptoms, and Krista is wondering how much more she can take. There's just no stopping this nausea and vomiting. The good thing is that her liver and kidney are functioning well. She did need platelets this morning, but that and the other blood labs are about as expected at this point. 

The oncologist made a few changes to the medicines today. The amount of anti-rejection drug was reduced because it is known to cause blurry vision and headaches when there's too much. They've already just about maxed her out on the kinds of anti-nausea they can give her. She's getting 5 different kinds of anti-nausea, including a patch for sea-sickness! The nurse said there's nothing more they can give her to help with that, but the oncologist made an order for medical marijuana as a last resort. It's in a pill form, and she's been having problems swallowing lately. After taking the first dose, she threw up about a minute later. There was no sign of the pill, though, so they think she kept it down. And for the first time, she said that she noticed a little less nausea after that. It definitely didn't cure the queasiness, but it did help at least.

Krista's mother Jannelle, spent the later half of the day in the room with Krista and I, so she got to experience first-hand how Krista's doing. Starting today, Krista has to have someone with her when she uses the restroom, because she's quite wobbly and often can't open her eyes very well. When Jannelle's not here and I have to step out, the nurses put an alarm on the bed so they can know when to help. I don't think that would be fast enough most of the time, so I'm trying to stay in the room as much as possible. With Jannelle's help, though I was able to go out to get some dinner which was a nice break. Thanks Jannelle!
I cry aloud to the Lord;
I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy.
I pour out before him my complaint;
before him I tell my trouble.
When my spirit grows faint within me,
it is you who watch over my way.
(Psalm 142:1-3a)


Mary Jorgensen said...

Oh man...this makes me so sad for Krista. I am praying for her.

Lisa Bassols said...

Not if this will help or not but my Uncle and Aunt live in Glendora, really close to Azusa Pacific. They are strong believers and their kids are older now so they have at least one extra bedroom. I am sure that they would at least strongly consider letting your boys sleep at their house if you find you need a place for them closer to City of Hope during their break. IF interested, private message me with more details and I will ask them.