Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Important Phone Announcement

Today is a better day than yesterday. My mouth pain is still real bad, which I think caused my headache yesterday. I'm still battling the headaches today, but I've been more on top of it.

This really was a low week for me. I forgot how bad you can feel post-chemo. I've been having low-grade fevers, but thankfully no spikes. Continue praying that I don't get an infection. Right now, I have a need for HLA-typed platelets. It might take a couple of days to get and my platelets are at 24,000.

I'm supposed to get a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow.

My kids are sick right now with the cold that's going around, so I can't see them for a while. Mike's mom came up yesterday to help out until Saturday, and we both really appreciate that.

I'm so thankful for so many friends who love me... I have 210 facebook "friends" -- can you believe that y'all? (My 10-year-old requires me to put quotes around "friends" when talking about facebook, and will do finger quotes if I don't!) But you know that I really do love all my buds on facebook. I wish more of our friends would join, don't you?

Which leads me to my next announcement: I just quadrupled my cell phone bill in two weeks with 646 minutes over my allotment. YIKES! Ok, so here's what we do. Please call me on my hotel phone (805) 569-7262 room #25. I promise to answer if I feel good enough, but you can leave a message with the nurse if I don't answer. This will hopefully save me $600 a month!

I still get email, too. Even when I don't feel good, Mike tells me what is in my inbox.

Here's an appropriate verse for today:

This poor man called,
and the LORD heard him;
He saved him out of all his troubles.
--Psalm 34:6

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