Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

I had a really great time at the Believer's Edge men's retreat this weekend. Aside from the resting and relaxing, it was a really valuable time for me as the goal was to get men activated in their calling to summit the seemingly impossible mountains in our lives. So I'm back to my calling, ready to take it on again. Thanks Tom, Johnny, Bob and all the rest of the crew for letting me be there!

Here's what happened since my last post....

On Friday, Mom drove Krista to UCLA for her regularly scheduled appointment. They ran the regular blood tests and found that her kidney-related labs were a little high. Most likely this was because of an alergic reaction to the IV antibiotic she had been getting: vancomycin. Such reactions can cause horrible nausea like she's been having, too. To fix the problem, she needed to flush her kidneys out with some saline water. They connected her to an IV drip for a few hours, and afterward she felt better. Her and Mom didn't get back to Santa Barbara until 9:30 pm, though!

On Saturday morning when I talked to her, Krista was not having any nausea but she complained of a feeling of "internal pressure" that was causing great discomfort. Mom tells me that overall, though, she had a much better day Saturday (though Krista says she felt like a bulldozer ran over her).

Today, Krista felt good enough to go to church for the first time since her transplant! I was still at the retreat, so I didn't get to see it -- but Mom says that she did really well with it. When I got home, Krista was really hungry. We talked about how things had gone and what foods were sounding good to her now. We tried a couple of them out, but apparently chips and salsa was not a good choice, though she said it sounded good to her at the time. It came back up about an hour later and she's been dealing with nausea the whole evening. We are out of her anti-nausea medicine until the beginning of June (because insurance won't cover a refill until then), so I hope that this doesn't turn into another late-night emergency room visit to stop the vomiting. So far, she's been able to keep down a few sips of water for an hour. We're testing out some chicken broth next. Come Lord Jesus and heal this sick child of yours that you love so much!

"When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick."
(Matthew 14:14)

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